What To Expect From A Spa Body Wrap

If you ever go to a spa and feel like you aren't fully satisfied with the experience, you should search for a spa that uses body wraps. These are wraps that are infused with certain ingredients, such as eucalyptus, chocolate or butter. While the jury is still out on whether they can help you lose weight, these wraps can feel excellent and are a great way to pamper yourself.


Before you go to the spa, you should consider taking a shower and exfoliating while using a natural exfoliate such as sea salt. Also, it is a good idea to drink water before leaving because the treatment can sometimes dehydrate you.

The Treatment

When you arrive at the spa, you are usually led to a dark room designed to maximize relaxation through the use of soft music and candles. Often, you will lay on a table that has a thermal blanket on the bottom. A massage therapist will place the wrap over your body, with the lotion side placed against your skin. A towel is usually placed over the wrap to hold it in place.

Heat Therapy

Thermal blankets are not required, but can help induce feelings of relaxation, so you should inquire ahead of time about whether the spa will use one. There are also body wraps that produce infrared heat. This will warm you without warming the air around you. It uses wavelengths that are similar to the sun, making it safer. By only heating your skin, you will not feel the uncomfortable heat that comes from hot air.


In addition to thermal wraps and herbal wraps, some wraps are designed specifically to moisturize. If you have dry skin, you should ask the spa if they offer this option. While some spas offer detox wraps, this has not yet been proven to have medical benefits. However, this does not discredit the other benefits of body wraps.

The Aftermath

After the treatment is over, you are given time to gradually cool down. You may sweat a little through the process, but the next step is to rinse yourself down and apply lotion.

Consider Other Spa Treatments

As you have the procedure, you should pay attention to how you feel. While many find this procedure to be very relaxing, keep in mind that there are many other treatments that you can try at a spa. Do not stop until you have found the perfect treatment that will melt away your stress and make the visit worthwhile. 

You can even try at-home alternatives to spa treatments, such as It Works body wraps that you can apply yourself, thus saving you the money and effort needed to take a trip to the spa.